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    I thought it might be interesting if members would post their equipment preferences here in a single location so one could compare the quality of images posted here for the contests with the camera or other equipment listed. That would certainly provide a wide range of branding to look at for all of us newbies.

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    Here is a link to a recent poll that adresses camera preference. http://www.farktography.net/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=840


    this is what i usually use. the kit to the left is a minolta 7i and the right is a konica/minolta maxxum 7D.

    there are also 35mm point and shot cameras in each bag as a backup. the 7i bag has a fuji A205 in it and there are fuji A360s in the car and truck. i’ve shot high placing entries on low end cameras and vice versa so the road to success isn’t based on expensive gear. at least not success in our contests. 🙂


    i shoot mostly with a canon 20d but i also have a lomo fisheye and a holga, plus a polaroid back for the holga, so sometimes some funky stuff sneaks in. 🙂 my older stuff was mostly shot with a canon elan 7 and before THAT it was a Canon fTb.

    /ya, canon girl.


    I primarily use my Canon Rebel XTI (also known as the 400D), though I have been known to borrow a Kodak EasyShare Z40 when I need something a little smaller. I also have a Pentax ZX-M that I’ve been known to pull out on occasion.


    I started out digital. wifey bought me a Vivitar P&S. Awesome. But I threw it down the stairs with my dirty laundry. Oops. So next birthday she bought me a Nikon CP2100. Cool. Decent pix. Then I wanted more zoom and I saved for a while then went and bought my current camera. A Canon S3IS. WOW! 6MP pix, 12x optical zoom and all kinds of manual shooting modes. I got my eye on a Pentax K10. I’m 80% sure that will be my next.

    *** UPDATE ***
    As of yesterday, 10-1-07, I own a Pentax K10D. I find it amazing how this woman loves me. You’ll hatfa ask her as to why. We bought a kit from Adray Camera in Dearborn , Mi. Body and two lenses for $1000. f4-5.6 18-55 and f3.5-5.6 50-200. We saw the D30 and the new D40 but since this is my first SLR this package with two lenses was a good start. Here’s a few of the many taken over the last 24 hours.



    nikon d40 now. damn thing’s 2 weeks old and knows more about photography than i do….

    and now mrs. uranus has gone and slapped me with a 55-200 lens that i have even less of a clue about.

    I can now shoot bad shots with extraordinary clarity 😛

    The learning curve is so steep that even edmund hillary sees it as a challenge.


    The learning curve is so steep that even edmund hillary sees it as a challenge.


    but you do have a good point. to get the most from the new cameras requires a lot of reading and doing. for instance i understand the EV controls but seldom use them and there probably many times their use would have enhanced a shot. and mine will auto bracket if i remembered a)how it works b)to set it.


    for instance i understand the EV controls

    waaaaayy ahead of me.


    My first camera was a video camera. =D I didn’t get into still photography until I’d been doing video for about 6 years. My first still camera was/is my Canon 30D. Still trying to build my lens kit.


    I brag about having a Nikon D100 but I think I get equal and maybe even occasionally better results out of a Canon Powershot G6 that the missus won in a door prize drawing at a conference a couple years back. I might think it’s possibly a better camera in some instances because it was free.


    I started out shooting with a 2mp Sony P&S that I got about 6 years ago now (and I still use occasionally for things like when I’m snowboarding and don’t care too much if I fall and kill it). I upgraded to the dSLR ranks over a year ago with the Canon 350D (Rebel XT) and haven’t looked back. Now hopefully within a week I will be moving onto a Nikon D200 😀

    /No brand loyalty for me 😛


    Claff: Yeah, it’s a closely-guarded secret that you can get good pictures out of just about any camera that has some decent manual exposure settings in it. A good DSLR just makes it easier.


    I started with a Concord 4306z (garbage), then a Canon a620, and now a Rebel XT with:
    18-55mm Canon (garbage)
    50mm f/1.8 Canon
    70-300mm Tamron (garbage)
    28-70mm Tokina f/2.8 (garbage)
    16mm fisheye Zenitar (manual everything looks macho, but feels annoying)
    28mm Quantaray f/2.8 (nice, but only works wide open on digital bodies, did not know before buying)
    and just recently a 28mm f/1.8 Canon USM (sooooo farking nice)
    and a Sunpak 544 (soooo farking nice)

    Lessons learned:
    Buy nice stuff the first time.
    Clutch autofocus systems are annoying as bonk.
    95% of the people looking at my pictures can’t tell which camera I took them with.
    There will always be a nicer camera, and the one you have right now is always good enough.


    Oh calamity, I just now noticed that I didn’t provide any information in regards to my own question. 😳 I started out as a child…… no lets just skip ahead to the part about cameras. Let’s see where was I, yes Earth! My first camera was a Kodak brownie believe it or not and I only shot film until after the turn of the century, this one not the last. I have owned or used everything from Argus to Zeis but mostly have used Minolta and Cannon film cameras. I did have a poloroid 230 with many extras but have noticed that no matter which camera or era I was perfectly capable of taking some really terrible photographs. I was dragged kicking and screaming into the digital world with an inexpensive Sony point and shoot that I can’t even remember the model of. After I became quite proficient at taking many pictures in one shoot that I could throw away without having to incur the cost of developing and printing, I decided to blame the camera for the poor photographs and really spend some money to rectify the problem. That is when I got my Sigma SD10. I have an 18-50mm and an 55 – 200 mm and a 50 mm macro lens and a lot of filters to play with but they stay safely in their case. I don’t use film anymore and now I take some very unremarkable photos with a remarkable camera.

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