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    Well, I finally did it last night.

    Five months after originally posting the thread, and reading countless reviews of various backpacks, I followed Schnee’s advice and picked up a Kada R-103. The Kata was a bit pricey, at $185, but not much more so than the stuff that Lowepro & Tamrac offer.

    Actually, he suggested the -102, but I also needed to be able to carry my laptop, and the -103 is the same as the 102 with the addition of a pocket on the back that Kata claims will hold a 17″ MacBook. Honestly though, my 15″ is a little snug, so the 17″ would probably be pushing it.

    The bag looks pretty much indestructible, and hold everything that I used to carry in my camera bag and my laptop bag:

    Nikon D-50 w/ 18-55 (probably 80& of my shooting)
    Nikkor 70-300
    Nikkor 50 1.8
    SB-600 (I couldn’t justify the extra $150 for the SB-800)
    MacBook Pro 15″
    3 2.5″ HDDs
    Nikon charger
    MacBook charger
    Creative Zen Vision:M
    iPod Nano
    Ear buds
    lots of cables.
    Various color ABBCs

    I still have roughly half of the space that surrounds the camera available for other stuff as needed, and hopefully more glass before too long.

    So, thanks Schnee, now I can get out and shoot more without feeling like my arms are going to follow off or my shoulders are going to collapse.


    Cool dude. Kata makes some pretty interesting stuff. Did you see all their body armor?


    Heh, yeah, should I ever become a war journalist, I can match my body armor to my camera bag.

    That was another reason I picked the Kata bag, if they can make body armor, they probably know a little about making durable items with good stitching.


    Damn, body armor…
    I knew I should have kept quiet about the mugging.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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