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hi folks, there are 27 exposures on the farkamera, what number are we up to now? definitely in favour of starting another if we’re getting close to filling number 1

the idea was to have the last person to take their shot, have the film developed and upload (do kodak provide a cd with jpgs? i hope..) to a gallery on the farktography website, that we create for that purpose. anyone can link to the “Farkamera Project” gallery but i think it best reside on the main farktog website as it’s a group project.

i’m writing from the land of dial-up so am s-l-o-w and behind the toimes

question for zeke: can we make a “Farkamera Project” menu item (or something similar) when the time comes, to hold a gallery of the pix, and any anecdotes and so on?

cheers & happy holidays y’all!