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So after talking to schnee, who envisioned this theme in the first place, we’re going to post the top 3 O’s on a page where the photoshoppers have ready access to them. However, there will also be a blurb inviting them to peruse our contest from last night and contact the photographer if they would like to use another image outside of the top 3.

That really sounds like the only option at this point; I don’t think there’s any other way to deal with this that would be fair for all involved. I think it’ll be neat if the Photoshoppers pull from all the entries, and I’ll be interested to see what they come up with.

On a related note, while this week’s contest seemed to have an inordinate number of off-theme entries, looking through past contests, it seems like there are always pictures that don’t fit, and some of them get lots of votes. Is there any way to deal with this for future contests? Some way to disqualify entries that don’t fit the stated theme? Might be difficult since some themes are open to a little creative interpretation, but some entries pretty obviously don’t fit.

And while the photographs that win each week are great photographs, it’s not really fair to those who followed directions and put work into creating something that fit the weekly theme if someone else wins or gets lots of votes for something that doesn’t adhere to the same limitations everyone else worked under.

Again, not sure if there’s a way to address this, juast kinda throwing it out there…