Reply To: When do you vote?


Oh it’s not like I’m not going to stop participating, Farktography is next best thing to racing season as far as getting me out with the camera and shooting something other than the average snapshot. I’m way over-camera’d considering my level of (cough) expertise (cough) but seeing what works in Farktography is getting me to close the gap.

Not that I’ve figured out what works in Farktography. My highest vote-getter is a pic that, to me, is pretty iffy in conception and merely adequate in execution. The ones I thought would be a big hit pretty much died on the vine.

On the other hand, that high vote-getter was one of the first posted by a Liter shortly after the contest hit the front page. It got me thinking that, for those of us vain enough to watch the vote counts, perhaps timing trumps photo quality?