Reply To: Upcoming Themes


I take my camera(s) pretty much everywhere I go these days because you just never know what you’re going to find. It’s actually been a bit of a sore spot with my husband a couple of times because he’ll want to go and I’ll still be snapping off photos. But he’s getting used to that and being dragged to the 4 corners of Puget Sound on a whim.

I keep my old Nikon Coolpix 5400 in the car and my “real” camera in the bag in the backseat. Well except for days like today where I just unloaded a bunch of photos and ran out of the house this morning without it. But I have the lenses with me dammit 😛

As for upcoming contests I keep them in the back of my mind and if I see something that fits while I’m out and about then that’s great. Sometimes though, like for the ‘path less taken’ theme I’ll scurry out the night before and just drive around until I find something of interest. But I have a shot or two ready for the ‘backyard’ theme (easy enough) and hope to get some good pictures this weekend for the shadow theme.

Farktography has refined my eye and made me way more proactive when it comes to taking pictures. That and I’ve gotten to meet some pretty swell people too 8)