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What I would like to see, is similar to what does, although I kinda hate stealing all their methods as I pretty much did with the submissions rules, but WTF, they are good rules.

Anyway, what worth1000 does is they set a deadline to when images can be submitted, and noone gets to see them before hand, then it goes to voting which also has a deadline.

I know that the way Fark is setup though, that just isn’t gonna happen unless Drew were to make significant changes to his site, which I highly doubt.

So really, as far as the voting goes, people are just gonna have to live with it and just do it for the fun of it, or compete somewhere else like worth1000.

As far as the number of entries, I always liked the 3 submission rule, probably mainly cuz I always had a hard time picking just one to enter, and as was mentioned already, sometimes the one you think will do well doesn’t, and the one you think won’t does.

But hey, I don’t even participate anymore, so why listen to me. 😛