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I don’t see stats yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of new people.

The FSM is back now – sorry about that.

The Farktographer’s Over Time report shows the number of new people per contest, and the number of people that dropped out. For the last couple of contests, we picked up 60 newbies and looking at the chart, we appear to be on a bit of an up-trend since the “Happy Anniversary” zenith.

The FSM, however, only counts entries that have received a vote – it really only looks at the Results page. This could introduce some collective bias – some sort of aggregate “oh heck, there’s too many entries, I’ll stop voting” thought-process that every voter goes through. For what it is worth, the Distinct By Theme report seems to show a slight up-trend in the number of votenated entries.

What I’d really like to capture is the number of individual voters (and related stats), but that’s locked behind somewhere.