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not to be cynical at all, this is the funnerest photo club.. my favorite time of the week is 5 pm pst, but… well, you’re just climitizing yourself to what people who think fark is a good place to go for a photo contest think is a good picture…

one should post 1 or 2 pictures that you believe in rather than average yourself out…

I think it’s fun, too, and it motivates me to stop and take pictures on days when I would probably let real life get in the way.

It’s not that I’m averaging myself out, it’s just that for the most part, it’s only me who looks at my pictures. I get very little objective input. The people who vote on my pictures (or vote for one rather than another) have three credentials which make their vote valuable to me:

1) They have at least one eyeball.
2) That eye does not belong to me.
3) They saw something in my pictures that motivated them to actually reach for the mouse and click the check box.

I don’t think that everyone voting for a picture is a brilliant and well educated professional art critic. And I don’t think they’re all bored and wandering through the contest while they wait for the next boobies link to be posted. They’re just people who can be objective where I can’t. And I’m grateful that they took the time to look.

I have so much to learn that every chance I get is valuable to me.

If we go down to one entry per person, I will lose a whole layer of understanding–the ability to compare my pictures and understand why one is more interesting than another. I’ll probably still participate, but it won’t be as useful to me. I’ll just be taking potshots at what my best picture might be, and because I don’t have the experience to judge well, my belief of what’s best is grounded only in my subjective opinion.

I speak only for me, your mileage may vary. Batteries not included, and so on.