Reply To: nsfw story about..


Did you follow Alice down the rabbit hole that morning? 😉

i forgot to add

a couple weeks later i went lookinmg for ‘erica’, i went to a nearby pet store that sold live food for snakes.. when i went there i showed a picture to some guy behind the cash register

the guy i was talking to turned around and yelled to the back room

biiillliiieee, some guy is here, he’s lookiing for your giiiirrrll friend’

billy yeslled back

shutup mothrfkr.. you know i hate that thing

when i went back to look at the pics again i thought that they were man boobie nipples…

then a week later i came home to a message on my ansering machine from ‘erica’ inviting me to the folsom street fair…

so, no i didn’t go near that rabbit hole…