Reply To: farktography website


integrating the fsm code makse so much sense. i could design it to flow smoothly, cohesively, so people could browse past contests, stats, upcoming contests, forums, etc with a minimum of weekly time wasted on maintainence. i am more of a designer than a coder, but i’ve been working with a variety of code for years and can find my way around.

i know you guys just got burned but the brunt of your problems could have been solved with one simple word: backups. so, aside from the fact that i am not a hothead and would never delete the site no matter what went down, we can have a few members keep separate backups, updated every week or so, and not ever have to worry about one person wiping everything out.

with that taken care of, there is no reason to design defensively. i like to automate everything i possibly can, because i hate boring maintainence work. hopefully we can get some solid code in place that makes updating design MUCH simpler (ie template EVERYTHING) and gives us all kinds of fun ways to look at our photos and stats. then when we have time to put into the site we can build more enhancements rather than wasting all that time on maintainence and manual updates.

but i’m new here and i don’t want to come off as too pushy. does this sound good to you guys?