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Hi Guys (and gals), as you know, I’m new to this Farktography thing. I am very much an amateur photographer and, as such, know next to nothing about “style”. The only name that I recognized from idle_hands’ list was Ansel Adams. While I mainly take snapshots of my girls and their cousins, I will intermittently venture out into the world with my camera to take ‘artsy’ pictures. I like the way the world looks through the lens. I get that “wow, that’s a beautiful rusty nail” feeling.

But style! I’ve got no style that isn’t my own. Do you think it would be OK to submit a few pics that reflect my style (whatever that is) without having them based on another’s work? Or should I just hold on to them until they fit another weeks’ topic?

By the way, this is alot of fun. As with many people, I’m busier than I should be and find it rewarding to think and do something that isn’t work or family.