Re: i like entering 3 photos too, a lot..


but even last night when i went to the contest 4 hours after it
started there were already 125 posts, which could have been 80 or 40…
people post early because it seems the folks who post early get a few
more votes, not true i see a lot of regular fark users
(i win’t say liters) have won contests, and once you get the bug,
you join, as you say, it is only 5 bucks per month

limiting the number ups the ante
-which isn’t bad just more of a challenge

since farktography contests seem to be here to stay
any picture you don’t use in a contest today, you can probably use
in a later contest

i’ve found myself kicking myself in ther butt for using some pictures
already, but i am living off my stock photos, every picture i’ve
entered is one i’ve taken for the heck of it, only one i ever took
for a contest is the dog picture of my back yard

i think there should be a poll at any rate, and maybe a mass email
sent out about the poll