Re: I’m flat out against it…


sorry, i’m against it completely

i have photographs on my website which are deeply personal to me
that i never want to be availible to a stock company..

i know already of a website which is hotlinking one such photo, and one of the most painfull moments of my life is being used by a rightwing nut to foment a politcal view i abhore completly, yet i am reluctant to remove or rename the photo because members of my family also look at it…

this reminds me that once i say yes i lose all artistic control over my pictures

i’m concerned also with how you see the photographs, your perception is that the photographs here are all in one large clump

the rules set out at the beginning of the contest specifically point out that the photograph’s copyright belong to the photographer, yet you are looking for a way to make those photographs availible to your company, which you don’t want to name..

the enthusiasm of the contests would probably be dampened if folks were looking over their shoulders

maybe it would be better if you left an ad saying that you work for a stock comany and ask anyone interested to contact you, and leave out of the loop