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Happy belated birthday, schnee! I checked onto your changes at the FSM; nice job.

thanks, and thanks

However, I still find that there are ways to improve the search feature/portfolio view. First of all, I’d like to be able to switch the order of photos between place finish and number of votes.

Love the feedback, keep it coming.

Regarding search, I’ve been thinking about that. Personally, I like place-finish and as part of the upgrade, I changed the ordering from votes to place-finish. When I did that, I thought that I probably should expose a method to allow folks to sort based on their fancy. Gotta figure out how to reconcile that with the URI access. It is doable and I’ll try to get something out sometime.

Secondly, I’d like the FSM to reflect tie votes in place finish. For example, the FSM lists my best finish as 7th place, when I really placed tied for tenth.

Thanks in advance for the changes!

Are you British, by chance? The way I count it, you tied for 7th because there are 6 different scoring buckets higher than yours. The way you count it, 9 people had more votes than you so you get 10th. I considered accounting for the gaps and discarded that solution (I had to pick something). I may or may not get to this one.

As a preview for what I hope to get in tomorrow, are you a bad typer? If so, you’ll love the new farktographer search…