Re: Re: Changing the day?


Wasn’t quit sure as to the best forum, so I’ll just toss it out here:

How about changing the Farktography day? Wednesday must be kind of a hassle for other working people than myself, especially those of us that work nights. But even people with a modest commute, and a job that doesn’t end until even early evening, are pretty well out of it. I was thinking Sunday would be a better day, since I’m betting that less people would be put out than by holding it on Wednesday.

I can see and understand your point in that we all have busy schedules during the week and such. I have my own lovely 45 minute commute every workday.

However, for me personally, Wednesdays just work better. Seven months of the year it’s very rare to find me at home on a weekend day because that’s when I go out, explore, and take my photos. On Tuesday nights I pick, resize, and upload my photos to my web space. If I’m lucky I can post from work Wednesday evening, and if not then I wait ’til I plow through my commute and post when I get home. I don’t have to rush home from the further reaches of the greater Puget Sound region on a weekend day to post. I don’t know if I’d make it regularly if I had to…

But I do understand my scenario is not like everyone else’s, and I can totally post a poll for voting if there’s more interest in changing the day of the week on which Farktography is held.