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What’s up, J-Hole?


Caffeine drip musta run dry. I was trying to shout out to monkeybort (J-Hole = Jackson Hole), but inadvertantly left out her name – either that or aliens abducted it. Sorry for any confusion.

On a cross-linked note, synthemesc, hopefully we’ll see your son start posting to the contest in due time.

I knew it was for someone, but was just trying to decipher who..

And as for my little brother (the vote of confidence made my day, though), I hope to get him into it. But somehow as a college student, he managed to skip the course on wasting time online. I have to slowly drag him to the dark side.

He’s at UT, so I’m not going to be able to talk to him for a week without him gloating about their Rose Bowl win.. I was supporting USC just to break his ego. I’m such a bad brother. 🙄