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Did you know that the Farktographer with the most number of votes is CaptainJim with 1576? Followed by veruca with 1542?

I think I just swallowed my gum. Your raw data fascinates me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Did you know that 1905 individual Farktographers have submitted 7910 farktographs that eventually got at least one vote?

Or that the top three vote-getting entries are:

120 |neonstz |Seen Better Days
119 |chakalakasp |Look To The Skies
96 |yeimi |Self Portraits

Or that the themes with the most total votes cast are

4984 |Look To The Skies
3164 |Night Time Photography
3016 |Black and White Photography

What other stats would you all like to see? I’m slowing assembling a Farktography Statistics Monitor along the lines of the Fark Photoshop Monitor and am soliciting requirements. My vision is for a bunch of static pages that will show data such as the above, along with some charts (’cause, you know, its me), with links to contests, images, &c. Maybe even some searches (e.g. “lets see ‘schnee’s stats), but dynamicism may kill my poor cable modem so we will see.

I’m going “dark” for a few days but I’ll check back in and scoop up the thoughts (if any).

If you plan to move forward with collecting and then posting the data/results I’d be more than happy to confer about getting a link put on the farktography page to your website. I’m sure others would be interested in seeing the breakdowns as well.