Re: Re: the state of the union


i’ve built hundreds of websites, and worked with a variety of content management systems, esp in php/mysql. i could set something up for you guys pretty quickly. i love design and photography, and it looks like you guys could use a hand. hosting it would be pretty easy for me as well, but it would appear that you guys already have a good hosting situation.

If you’d like to collaborate on the lower-level details, I’d be happy to help out. I could probably expose some WebService APIs for you to automagically get things like the list of contests, top entries in a contest, that sort of thing. The FSM already has the data. If you’d simply like a CSV list of whatever to populate your tables, I could run a couple of queries and shoot them off to you.

And by “WebService APIs”, I don’t mean WSDL and SOAP and all that junk. That stuff is way too verbose for most things.

(FSM is implemented in Java and MySQL)