Re: Re: Woohoo


I just thought I’d pop in and say hello. Hello! It’s weird being back after so long. It almost feels like walking back into class after being out with Mono for 8 weeks.

I missed you guys! Dial up/no internet is no way to live.

Gone a month and still no tag! 👿 Seriously what gives? Is it really that hard to add a tag? I see they have added a tag for fark publicity…

I’m gonna stop now. I have been home for almost 5 days and I still have to finish unpacking…

sorry to hear about the hangover 😉

welcome back!! *hug*

and thanks for the hangover commiseration (i think you were talking to me 🙂 ) – feeling much better this morning!!!

Thanks! ha ha, yep that was for you. I haven’t used the chat thingy yet, but the little message box is cool.