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2011 OFAST

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    I debated whether or not to post this gallery. Some of you will probably find it pretty cool. For others, it’s really gonna reinforce your stereotype of Okies. 🙂

    What is OFAST? It’s the annual Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show. It’s been going on about 15 years, but this is the first year I went. It’s basically 250 yards of vendor tents from which you can rent & shoot full auto & other military style weapons. It’s been featured on G4’s Attack of the Show for the past few years and they were there again this year filming. (The website has some video clips from past years).

    So a couple of friends and & I went this year, but none of us got to shoot any full auto weapons. Why? The weather was so dry and hot this year that grass fires kept breaking out and they spent most of the time putting them out. We were there for about 5 hours and of that time, the firing line was open for less than an hour. I had signed up to shoot a 1928 Thompson & an Uzi, but then they called it to put out fires and we had dinner reservations and so had to leave.

    I did get to shoot a 50 cal Barrett sniper rifle. That was pretty awesome. We’re planning on returning next year, hopefully earlier in the morning.

    The gallery is here.


    My brother lives near Lawton, so I understand completely.

    Looks like fun though 🙂 I totally want to shoot that mini-gun. Dayum.


    I love the targets! And I completely understand, having lived most of my life in Class III states. I’m also pretty sure I saw a MK 60, which brings back memories of a pretty interesting TL;DR CSB about shooting a MK 60 in Scotland. I may be goaded to share it here when I’m not so exhausted.


    olavf, that minigun was amazing. It sounded more like an engine purring than a gun firing and since they were firing them in 50-round bursts, it was over before you really knew it had started.

    orionid, the targets were the best part. They had lots of old appliances and a big piile aside that they’d refresh the field with during cease-fires. They also loaded the cars with tannerite and had bullseyes in front of it so it’d explode if you hit it there, which is why you see them in flames (that and the tracer rounds some were firing just might’ve had something to do with the grass fires).

    For the Kill The Car competition, they chain the car up the hill and then a sniper shoots an explosive to split the chain, allowing the car to roll down the hill. Meanwhile, most every gun on the firing line is aimed at the car, waiting for it to roll past a specific spot at which point everyone opens fire. It sounded like a WWII movie complete with a huge explosion from all the tannerite they had in the car. I’ve got some video of it but I don’t have anything that’ll handle Canon’s weird 720p video format to convert it for the web.

    Which one’s the MK 60? Did you shoot it full auto?


    Sounds like a blast (groan).
    I know a guy who got a flesh wound from a ricochet at one of those places in Vegas where you can shoot machine guns. Not much of a CSB, but maybe we can coax a better one out of Orionid … ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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