7-24-13 – Ugly Buildings

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    Let me be the first.
    Hey, is that a titanium rod in your pelvis or are you just glad to see me?




    Wow, ravnostic, I hope that heals up quickly. I can’t imagine how painful that must be…

    And following on that seems…odd, but congrats to Lenny_da_Hog for a winning pic of an ugly building this week!



    Let me be the first.
    Hey, is that a titanium rod in your pelvis or are you just glad to see me?

    Just glad to see ya, mofo The titanium, for the record, is on the left. 😛

    There is no ‘quick’ healing on this one; it’s an intertrochanteric fracture; 6-8 weeks minimum just for healing purposes (what with the bone mending to the titanium, and healing over itself, all while being walked upon multiple times a day). After that I can get doctoral clearance for strengthening the muscles and bones beyond ‘normal’ use; till then, my therapy consists of ‘walking’, which sounds pretty mundane, but is pretty painful.

    Some really ugly pics in there, Lenny’s was definitely worthy of the prize, and super-nice to see the vote tally top 1K again!

    Don’t know where I’ll go with the next contests as mobility isn’t my strong-suit; if I don’t have an archival shot, I won’t be taking new. Thanks all for the well wishes and I’ll try to follow along from the sidelines as Im able!!



    I’ve got titanium in me (the TSA will love me long time).

    Sailed through TSA security after the pin was put in my shoulder from my collarbone break. Unless you’re nearing on robocop levels of metal, you shouldn’t get bothered too much.

    Depends on the airport. Some are pretty decent (they’re also the ones that contract differently, like my hometown one), while others are fully clothed orgies with only a few participants willing (JFK to name one).

    I could see JFK being pretty bad, but I’ve gone through DFW and LAX both since the rod went into the shoulder. *knock on wood* for my flight to Bozeman in a month, I’ll be getting there extra early for luggage checking of the bike and such so hope there’s not more delays going through security then.



    But I broke my Femur/hip Monday, and am currently on high levels of Vicadin-like pills; I don’t trust my processing skills right now.

    Maybe next week I’ll be more mended and less medicated.

    Oooh! Heal up quick Rav!

    Maybe, to help you out, we need to have a “In a hospital” theme…you would win hands down!




Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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