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    Yesterday gave away this software.

    I didn’t really have time yesterday to review it, but I had a chance tonight to play with it a bit. I found it pretty easy to use, and it didn’t take too long to do, considering the number of images I used.
    It took a few minutes on my computer to load the images into the database (I used my Farktography folder, and a separate folder of other images so that I wasn’t using full direct-from-camera size pix). After that it was just a matter of selecting options. I didn’t do too much except increase the number of cells that made up my picture.
    One neat feature/option is the ability to have different size pictures make up your photo. There’s a whole bunch of other options. It’s not just Source>image bank>render, you can vary the size and number of sizes of the pixels, and I didn’t play with it, but it looks like you can also play with the way the colors are rendered. My image’s source photos are their original color. Finally, if you’re planning on doing something important with your collage/mosaic, it appears you can swap out cells to tweak the appearance (if I was going to do this, it would mainly be for the sky… there’s a big one with a white shirt smack in the middle of it.)
    Finally, when I was happy, I hit “Save.” This is where I could really tell my computer’s a few years old. I waited a few minutes to begin this review, and it’s been saving throughout the time I’ve typed this and it’s still only half done with saving. To be fair, I did up the size of the picture to about twice recommended size – another feature is variable sized output from about wallpaper size to stupid huge. Took a little over 15 minutes to render
    While this review is completely honest, I am going through this effort, in part because I get a full license with updates by doing this.

    My picture (a friend at the stadium did this pouty face behind some gate bars.)



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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