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    You are the first pearson to get ahead of me in total wins and I congratulate you. Iv’e liked your photos from the begining and you really raise the bar around here. Once again congrats.


    Congrats chakalakasp!

    CaptainJim did that without the help of the FSM. if I did this right, here are the top something-or-other finishers: (farktographer, number of 1st place finishes)

    chakalakasp 7
    CaptainJim 6
    veruca 5
    GalleyWench 4
    monkeybort 4
    Encyclopedia Galactica 3
    idle_hands 3
    Logomancer 3
    Lord Ezekiel 3
    neonstz 3
    soosh 3
    yeimi 3
    atticus 2
    bobroberts 2
    Diggin 2
    kmmontandon 2
    millera9 2
    MorningBreath 2
    schnee 2
    woodpecker from mars 2


    whoa – cool chaka! congrats!!!


    Whoa, thanks Jim! 🙂 I have a feeling I won’t be on top for very long, though — the farktography threads never cease to surprise me with the kinds of shots farktographers come up with.


    Congrats Chakalakakasperiskasp (?)

    I regret not participating these last few weeks. I’ve been so overly swamped with work, kids and taxes I couldn’t even think straight.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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