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    So, after a couple fleamarket finds this summer, and then the farkolga, I’ve been having alot of fun with film, and have been bitten with the lo-fidelity bug – especially of the wrong film variety. My mom played into this over the weekend by letting me dig through the parents ebay/yard sale boxes full of random crap from cleaning out various grandparents houses, and made a couple interesting scores.

    1) Argus 264 Autocube (126 film? Yikes!)

    2) Brownie Target Six-16 (to match my Target Six-20!)

    3) (2) Brownie Hawkeye Flash (including one flash arm)

    4) Polaroid 600 AF (meh)

    My dad also gave me my grandfather’s Agfa/Ansco Viking 6.3 folding camera that saw combat action in Korea. Right now the focus ring is stuck at 25 feet, but I’ve already put in the research on how to fix it. Apparently this is a common issue on these because the grease used by the Agfa engineers was very similar chemically to superglue, it just has a cure time of about 20 years. I plan on restoring and putting this baby back to use.


    Nice haul, looks like you fooled Santa.




    Very cool. My family does not seem to have been into photography. I have never seen an old camera in any house in my whole family other than the occasional old Polaroid from the 70’s


    Sweet! Sounds like a lot of stuff I’ve ended up with in my collection. Folding cameras are awesome, btw!!


    Very nice. I recently started shooting with film again since my father-in-law gave me his old Canon AV-1 with a 50mm lens. Great fun, but the manual focus has taken some time to master.
    I am currently messing around with different film types; I have fallen in love with Velvia.

    I have to see what else he’s got. Last time I was at the in-laws in pulled out an old folding camera he called what sounded like “Brauni”…Must be a Brownie. I will have to have a look at it tomorrow as we are going round again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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