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    I posted this on FB, too, so some of you may have seen it there, but I’ve been getting really frustrated at what seems to be an internet/craiglsit noob trying to sell camera equipment.

    Original ad (cliffnotes): I got these cameras from a friend and don’t know anything about them. 40 cameras, lots of lenses, too many to show in 4 pics. $100 takes all.

    My email: I’m interested and would like to take a look, what’s a good ti…me and place for you?

    *Original ad dissapears*
    New Ad (cliffnotes): All good, no junk here. Make offer by the piece or for all $10 and up. 40 cameras, lots of lenses too much to show in 4 pics.
    Link to current ad

    Me: I tried responding to your original ad but didn’t get a response. I’m interested in these cameras, especially at your original offer. What time/place works best for you for me to come take a look?

    Him: What was my original offer?

    Me: $100 for all.

    Him: Today or tomorrow after 5 would be good.

    Me: How about today at 5:30. I’m coming from Niantic, so I’ll need an address I can plug into my GPS.

    Him: The original offer was $100 each. I don’t like to give my address out over the internet

    Me: That’s fine, I’d still like to look at some of the cameras, maybe we could meet somewhere public like starbucks or mcdonalds

    Him: There’s too much to transport.

    Him: Today is fine. Or tomorrow. Let me know, I have alot of interest in the cameras.

    *I get frustrated and go home for day. Commence today*
    Me: I’d still like to take a look at the cameras, there’s a couple in the photos that caught my eye, and I’d like to see what else is there and what lenses/flashes you have.

    (mind you, the pics on craigslist are low quality, but I can tell, amongst other things, there’s a full-frame nikon that looks like an F1 or F100, but might just as easily be an early digital FF, and an antique stereo camera)

    Him: Which ones do you want? I’ll quote a price.

    So, now I’m wondering, do I keep pursuing as-is, do I just give up, or do I send an email to the tune of “Hey, asshole. I have cash. I’m looking at giving you a significant wad of it, but not without looking at the cameras first. Quit beating around the fucking bush and let me know where I can meet you to see them.” ?


    I’d say if you saw something you’re definitely interested in, then probably something like the latter. The guy’s already proven himself to be disreputable and untrusting, so that may be the only language that gets his attention.

    Or maybe try to get a phone # (or have him call you) and talk it out instead of the email back & forth.

    Good luck. I hate dealing with people like that.


    Sounds to me like he’s decided he can get a lot more money for the stuff than he originally thought. He might even be right – it looks like an F4 in the middle of the 1st picture, and there might be a screw mount leica 2nd from the top in the middle of the 3rd pic….


    Me: In the top left photo, there appears to be a Nikon 35mm SLR, perhaps an F100, I can’t tell for certain. In the Top right photo there’s a stereographic camera. I’m definitely interested in both of these. I also collect old or unusual cameras and old lenses to use for artistic effects, which is why I wanted to browse everything that you have. I saw a couple folders and perhaps a hawkeye in the bottom right photo. If you want to move these items, I’d probably be able to take a fair amount from you at a fair price, but I’d have to look at them directly before agreeing to a price.


    Sounds to me like he’s decided he can get a lot more money for the stuff than he originally thought. He might even be right – it looks like an F4 in the middle of the 1st picture, and there might be a screw mount leica 2nd from the top in the middle of the 3rd pic….

    That’s why I tried to jump on it when he had his first ad up. I figured I could take what I want, then toss the rest up here or on the ‘bay and break even.

    I also got this from a friend’s mom who moved from VA to NH about 5 or 6 years ago.
    David – we have found that Craigslist up here is NOTHING like the one in the DC area. Everyone is out to make a buck up here – and OBTW – what they actually describe may or may not be what they have. I would have thought that CT was better than NH but it is still all New England – totally different mind set!! lol Good luck!!


    I’ve had my share of woes. Big ‘fail’ thus far on the transparency projector–similar to what you’ve posted here, thus far. The search continues.

    Besides that specialty item, anymore I just look for ‘estate’ and ‘photography’ and hope for the best. But it’s worth all the trouble when for $40 I got the 1879 Darlot, which not only produces some cool macro shots that have faired better than my average picture in the contests, but in and of itself can be a subject in a contest featuring items over 100 years in age. Plus there’s the magic projector itself, which makes a nice mantle piece and may one day see other uses.

    The lens I converted to a tilt lens wasn’t such a great deal, but I like it, too. And one day I’ll get around to that 4-lens Nishika project–though I’m thinking on how I can go ‘digital’ with it, as I’m just not a fan of the film procedure developing process (I haven’t really liked what I get back, and not just for compositional reasons.) I’m sure I could bastid-ize (TM) a cheap digital, if I put my mind to it, when I get a round tuit.

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