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    Microsoft is paying people to use Bing. Literally. They are offering cash-back deals of > 10% if you seach for items using Bing and then jump through the hoops. eBay (and PayPal) are part of this promotion and you can play games to get some good deals. For example, I just picked up a barely-used Alien Bees B800 for a net cost of $220 (free shipping).

    Here’s the way to do it:

    1) Search for “digital camera” using Bing (turn off adblocking)
    2) Find the ad that takes you to eBay and click on the “Bing Cashback” icon
    3) You’ll land on ebay, with the “digital camera” search. You’ll know you have a “Bing Cashback” session established b/c you’ll see the icon top-center.
    4) At this point, search (in eBay) for ANYTHING ELSE. You should get a listing and any Buy-It-Now item should have the Cash Back promo associated with it. Buy-Whatever-Now (using PayPal) and you’ll get cashback into your PayPal account (after about 60 days).

    Downside, you’ll need to associate yourself with Microsoft, eBay and PayPal, which may cause some concern.


    Huh….. My fleabay addiction might have an ointment afterall…. Interesting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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