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    I got an 8mm fisheye in my stocking!


    I didn’t get anything specific to my camera, but I did get aZ-Pix digital microscope, which I ordered online for my nephew (and came late.) It hooks directly to the computer and can take stills or video. Only thing is, it says it’s intended for those 13 and up, and he’s only 6, so I think I’ll get him a GI Joe or Errctor set and keep the camera for myself…after all; the resolution is 640×480; perfect for Farktography!

    //I keed. Sorta. But it’s still cool.



    Not Santa, but my friend offered to buy my camera so I sold it to him and used the cash towards an upgrade to a D7000. So many more settings to tinker with!


    That 8mm fish eye is on my list, but I got an Android tablet, a couple small flash diffuser/softboxes, and a gift card to a local photo shop.


    I got myself a new Canon Powershot Elph 100 hs with image stabilisation. It is 250 times better than my old p/s Canon was new. and the cheapest to aquire on my wish list.


    I got a basic studio light set up – flash stands with umbrellas and flashes.

    I have tinkered with it but nothing to share yet.


    Me: Wireless flash controller, two more cokin filters (grad red and grad tobacco 2)

    Kestrana: studio hotlights with umbrellas (500W x 2), wireless trigger and flash controller, 16GB SD card.

    PS: I heart my 8mm fisheye. Do it.


    Santa brought me a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.

    But seriously, that 10-22 f3.5-4.5 I’ve been pining for.


    I got scads of loot this year! Let me regale you all with reviews.

    First and most spendy and also most awesome: Canon 28mm-f/1.8 USM. It’s awesome! Much better than the 50mm-f/1.4 USM for inside shots. The length is almost exactly standard for the Canon APS-C sensor (i.e. focal length equals sensor diagonal). Even though it’s half a stop slower than the 50mm, the shorter focal length means you can make up for the aperture by lengthening the shutter speed without getting unacceptable blur (i.e. shutter speed no slower than the reciprocal of focal length in mm), so overall the 28mm about half a stop better in low light than the 50mm, and I love me some low light photography.

    Second, an unexpected purchase: Strobies Delta Remote, universal radio frequency wireless remote. http://www.interfitphotographic.com/downloads/delta%20remote%20instructions.pdf I was looking for an extension cord for my wired remote, and the price on this one was too hard to resist. Plus it’s RF, so no line of sight is needed unlike the Canon IR remote. They also have it packaged with cords for Nikons.

    3. two axis macro rail. It’s perhaps really not for macro, since the rack and pinion drive is about 1″ per revolution, but I intend to use it for stereo 3d stills. The lateral measurement marks are in centimeteres and have two zeros on both sides of the top mounting base where the camera sits. At least it has measurements marks. It was inexpensive, and it’s a single unit with two axis movement instead of needing to stack two rails or some such thing, but I don’t really know that I would ever need two linear axis gear drive movements at the same time.
    4. grey card. works great for setting white balance also.
    5. HP mid-grade glossy paper. My brother wants to get some pics of his wife’s cat before the poor little kitty leaves this world. I figure this should work better than 20# white…
    6. A little something caught my eye, and it screamed, “I’ll be perfect for Orionid! He’s always building things!” So someone is getting a surprise belated X-mas (gag?) gift once I get a delivery address. (Personal delivery area is limited to between Kansas City and El Paso.)

    I almost got a new tripod and gear drive head, but then I found my trusty lightweight (video) tripod in my car’s trunk. I want to get something more massive and rigid eventually. Maybe I’ll check out the selection at Bass Pro or Cabela’s before I head back home from KC? 🙂


    I dropped my speedlight while walking about London after Christmas and now it’ll only work in slave mode, so…I guess I’ll be using some cash to buy a new one of those. That’s sort of a gift from Santa, I suppose? Haha.

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