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    Hi all,

    Firstly… I had checked out farktography more than a year ago and life took over. I just rediscovered the site, signed up, and I’m anxious to submit some photos!

    One problem… what am I doing wrong… I can’t see any photos?!!?!?

    Under recent contests, I click any of the most recent 4 contests, and the page appears with the description. BUT… no photos? All I see under ‘description’ is a horizontal line, then ‘Results:’… followed by nothing, and another horizontal line… Why can’t i see the posted photos?

    Looking forward to contributing to the network!… oooh! lightning outside… going to get the camera/tripod…’



    Welcome (back) Brian.

    You will want to check out the Farktography Statistics Manager (FSM) at .
    That site has practically all the pictures and results from all past contests as well as a bunch of great stats. Once you start to submit your pictures you even get your own portfolio page. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

    Not sure why the pics/results aren’t updated here. Not that they need to be though. Definitely check out the FSM.

    And good luck!


    The contests are held on Fark. Last week’s contest is here.

    If you’re all signed up and ready to go there, someone usually posts a link to the contest in each week’s thread.

    Or you can just wait until midnight Wednesday, which is technically Thursday, and go to and click on the first thread that mentions farktography.

    I hope that made sense.

    Someone tell millera9 I can post links that don’t go to h!p videos sometimes. BUT ONLY SOMETIMES! HIYAH!


    *shocked and awed*

    /You crack me up ‘mofo, you crack me up. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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