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Driving from Detroit to Phoenix

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    I flew to Detroit. I’ve been tweeking in haste, need to spend more time. But tired, yada yada. A small blurb of photos.

    Only decent shot from the plane, Chicago at 30K feet, 300mm zoom:


    We drove my aunt down to Tucson, where she’s moving. Funky grasshoppa in Missouri:

    Also meah. Greener in person. In short, the first day was a bust.

    I did get some nice shots, though, later.

    There were lots of trains:

    (okay, I played with color a little here, but not here):

    And my personal fav is too large to put here, and isn’t done justice in a small format :

    (it’s even better at full res).

    Most everything is taken at 70+mph; we were in a hurry. Hard to shoot in a moving vehicle. But I got this nice one in the process, as well:

    One of the few I did with a tripod was at Meteor Crater. olavf {props!} kindly informed me that I have panoramic software. I need to learned-it, still, but it’s a good start (also too big for here)

    Tons more, they’ll show up in the contests now and again, I’m sure. 1500 photos, a couple hundred I likes, a score or so I really likes. Meneeds to spend more time editing, though.


    Oh, one more, maybe for ‘The camera made me do it’. I had to pee. This was the west-facing wall near sunset that sheltered the bathrooms. I thought it looked cool. My aunt? She thought I was nuts.


    The shadows in that last one reeeealy make the pic. Cool.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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