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    So I’m at my parent’s house over the weekend, digging through my dad’s closet of goodies looking for his old flash (which is an entirely other thread – needs a rather obsolete battery) and out from behind a stack of other things he pulls this slender little piece of history:

    Story goes that it was my grandmother’s. From what I can gather it appears to be a later version of the No.1A, probably from the 20s? Not sure if we have any original photos taken with it anywhere, family history also says that my Aunt got most of the family photographs.


    Neat! We’ve got a couple of those (although they’re obviously different vintage as the decoration around the lens is a little different). After looking at them, they’re definitely 1As.

    Nice find!


    Wow. Want. Weird. Wonderful. Wrought.

    //I could spend all day here posting ‘w’ words about this find, but then I’d have to spend 25 more days on the other letters. Awesome. Bestest. Chique. Dominating. Etc…


    Whoa, f/45?


    Very cool find! There was an old Kodak like that for sale at the local thrift shop a while back but it was in the worst shape I have ever seen a camera. several missing pieces around the bellows like the entire shutter button mechanism. I have two Kodak Tourist IIs. I bought at the same time I saw the older one. One of the Tourists seems perfect the other one has some minor light leaks in the bellows. They are both the fixed-focus Kodet lens version F/12.5 to F/32. Which seems from my minimal research to be the cheaper, simpler model?


    Whoa, f/45?

    well with a shutter speed of 25. or even 50. OTOH the film speed must have been in the single digits in those days.


    I’ve got one similar to that, given to me by my grandmother. It has apertures of f-11 to f-32.

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