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    We’ve been doing the Farktography thing for quite some time now – 145 weeks. I’ve been trying to increase my number of greenlights (mostly to work on my sense of humor) so I thought I’d run a few numbers.

    Since the FSM diligently collects Farktography data, and since Farktography contests are essentially weekly, it was pretty easy to subtract the current thread id from the previous thread id and figure out how many threads are submitted per week.


    That’s a lot of threads. With <5% greenlit (according to Fark.com), we can expect < 820 greenlights per week, of which I got 4. Useless info, but that’s how the FSM started to begin with.


    That is pretty cool. You already have the data, so doing that stuff is fairly easy, right?


    Yeah, I could have done it with an SQL query, but I can’t get to that machine right now. So I just view-sourced the main page of the FSM and pulled down the thread ids. The rest was a combination of emacs and Excel.


    Wow…just…wow. 4 seems like a pretty decent percentage for one person when you put it against those numbers.


    Of course half of those threads are TFD’s asking what the submitter should eat for lunch and/or if they’re going to die.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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