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    So, for those who haven’t been following my adventures over the last year or so on facebook, long story short, I’m in the process of changing “jobs” within the navy. For the last 8 years, I’ve been a submarine nuclear reactor operator, but I’m currently barred from submarines and nuclear power because of a “corrected medical condition.” The navy is kind enough to let me apply to other rates (jobs within the navy) before declaring me useless and sending me back to college with a wad of cash in my pocket.

    A wise man (my high school guidance counselor) once told me “Find something you’d be willing to do for free, then find a way to get people to pay you for it.”

    Given those, my top choice is going to be Navy photographer/journalist, but for crossrates (that’d be me), they give priorities to personnel with published photos and articles. Does anyone have any experience freelancing? If so, any advice on submission techniques or “in demand” types of photographs would be appreciated.

    /edited to add: By “kind enough” I mean “they’re making me.”


    “Find something you’d be willing to do for free, then find a way to get people to pay you for it.”

    Found out about the drain babies, didn’t they? There’s always porn…

    Gay porn pays better for guys than straight porn. Just sayin’.


    But seriously, I’d send some of your (other, less provocative pictures) to some liberal college professor types who think they know something about this stuff. Send a profile picture of yourself, too, along with some of those scrolling-letters-across-your-chest ones. They’re all gay, anyway, and as such, they’ll be entwixed to help you out (in hopes of returns, of course, of a different ‘exposure’ type), and maybe that will get you to some other gay guy at the New Yorker, who’ll insist to his editor that “you’re the next BIG thang”, and in no time at all, you’ll be the toast of SoHo.

    But seriously (I wonder how long I can play this out…) take the cash, go to school, take photography, film some hot co-ed chicks who’s bodies don’t need airbrushing, take pictures, blackmail their parents, and live happily ever after on the proceeds, snagging one cute co-ed hottie for yourself, of course.

    But seriously (played). I got nothing. You already know how to shoot well, and often (did I just write that out loud, again?). If you went to school for it, you would surely do well and that would pan out somewhere, though it might take a little time. Or ask caradoc. He’s freelancing, and published as well.



    just. wow.


    Not that I’ve ever done this or even tried it, but my first move would be to call up all the local newspapers, business journals, and various other fish-wraps and tell them you’re highly talented and very motivated with professional equipment, and ask them to give you an assignment. They might send you to a local 6th grade softball game, but it would be a start.


    *pulls off ravnostic‘s mask to reveal… *

    Billy Herrington! I should have known.


    I’m with you on the co-eds until you get back to the black mail part. My vote would be to get a gaggle of them, take off our clothes, and jump in a pile. Well, if Ketsrana would let me.

    Otherwise, I think I like how Millera9‘s thinking.


    I spent a little more time thinking about this and I came up with a few other ideas just in case no one is willing to give you assignments as a completely unproven photographer.

    You seem like a well-educated and well-spoken (written) dude, orionid, so here is what I would do if I were you:

    1) Find a subject that interests you. You’re a car nerd, so I’ll use that as an example.

    2) Go to a local car-show or meet. Talk to some people and see what’s going on. Take notes. You can ask for permission to print people’s names if you want, but I would just stick to keeping everyone anonymous. Maybe it will be a real organized car-show or maybe it will just be some kids with Hondas parked behind a Wal-Mart. Either way, go out and talk to people and see what they’re doing and – most importantly – TAKE A BUNCH OF PICTURES. You know the drill. If you’re feeling really adventurous, take your Vette out to a show or something like that and have your own cultural experience!

    3) Write 1000-1500 words about your experience. It doesn’t have to be Tolstoy or anything; just write about what you did, what you saw, who you met, and why it was interesting or boring or terrifying or whatever it was.

    4) Submit it to every related magazine and newspaper you can find. Most local newspapers have culture pages and many have automotive pages! Send it everywhere you can, and send it with pictures!

    5) When someone eventually agrees to publish it, insist that they publish at least one of your photos with the article. If they refuse, put up a fight. If they still refuse, let them publish it and then hit them up for another assignment that involves photos that you’re going to take.

    6) Profit!

    You can apply this plan to any subject, but I would recommend you stick to circles that you’re comfortable with (cars, photography, nuclear reactors, whatever other hobbies you have). That will make it easier to write something without having to worry about learning a whole new subculture (though that might be kinda fun…)

    Good luck dude!



    I like Miller’s advice. I lucked into doing a semi-regular column with pictures at an online music news site (I’ve only done two so far), but that might be something, too; if you’re into music, I can pass along your name to this guy (who’s also a Farker, and would almost certainly love to have you). Not sure how much weight it would carry to have things published online, but it’s another avenue you can pursue.

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