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    Hey all:

    The Schneeworld LLC Corporate Retreat (“vacation”) starts on Wednesday 7/29 and ends on 8/8. Which means that no one will be minding the server room, so maybe Austin will suffer a thunderstorm and the FSM will go down and no one will be able to fix it.

    I think most of the internal causes for a crash (e.g. defects) have been ironed out, but you never know. And Acts of God, Changes to Fark, &c can all mess things up.

    The FSM will be flying solo and I’ll have no opportunities to try to fix it during while I’m away.

    In related news, anyone up for a Fark party in Breckenridge?


    Enjoy your vacation schnee! I won’t be anywhere near Breckenridge, though the thought is tempting…


    Yes definitely enjoy yourself….Where is Breckenridge?


    Oooh Breckenridge….pls. take lots of pictures of Colorado for me. I miss home.

    Have a safe and fun trip.


    hey, schnee, my most esteemed friend.

    how hard would it be to have file names displayed somewhere on the individual profile pages? I use that page as a reference to what I’ve used before or not, and searching text would be a lot faster than paging through the images. I know I can search the source, but that doesn’t give me a file name to image as quickly. I’m talking one, two extra clicks I gotta make, and as you can imagine, that’s positively Sisyphusian.*

    *which is to say, if it’s not something brutally easy to do or if you simply don’t want to, disregard this whole post

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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