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Great Wharrgarble meme concept – Can you help or do it?

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    This involves some photoshop, but somebody with a big dog or two could make this into an incredible meme:
    A parabolic arc of water from a host, to a wharrgarbling dog. Must include the top of the arc. Ideally, another shot of a different dog, on the same background, with the wharrbarbling dog on the other side.
    Splice them together, and you have a wharrgarbling rainbow, with a big dog attacking the stream on each side of the parabola.
    This would be incredibly useful in threads that degenerate to rigid wharrgarbl on both sides.
    Please do this before it gets too cold!

    Please, somebody do this. It just begs to be done. Become famous. I won’t charge anything for the idea, I’ll just have great satisfaction in coming up with the concept.

    Thank you very much.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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