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    Is this thing still on?

    I made some changes to the site tonight. Hopefully (again) it’ll fix some of the performance issues with the site. Let me know how you like it, will you ?


    I don’t care about the appearance, but the performance is much improved. The old theme was molasses on my desktop and fairly responsive on a mobile device. This theme is responsive on my desktop (I haven’t tried it on a mobile device yet).

    My previous logon issues were due to my use of an offbeat (though up to date) browser not playing nice with the old or new theme. In the process of figuring that out Elsinore deleted my account. I was able to re-register easily, but that only got me to a “Spectator” access level. I could not post or respond to a post. She bumped me to “Participant” and this message is the result.

    Thanks for your efforts here.


    Glad to hear it– all of it!

    Elsinore and I were talking as I was tweaking this thing and that under the hood, and I couldn’t tell if it was just confirmation bias, or if the interface really was running faster. It seemed like it was, but… it’s a fine enough difference and I’ve tweaked things before only to have it turn out to not be it, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

    We were also talking about your login issues, and it sounded like something funky on the client side– glad it was just a browser not playing nice.

    And yes, the “spectator” vs “participant” role is specifically to keep the Russian bots who keep registering new users (I see what you’re doing there, kids… no means no) from spamming the crap out of the site.

    Welcome back CS!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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