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    Haven’t been around, haven’t done Farktography in a hundred years. I should change that.

    Inexplicably, we have become kinda sorta professional photogs. Some may remember we follow what used to be the NASCAR Busch North, then Busch East Series, which is now the Camping World Series. As word got around that we’re at every race some approached us about providing photos from each race. At first we were hesitant but we signed on and now we’re working for half a dozen teams. I may even stop writing PRs for teams because I enjoy prepping photos much more and writing is more and more of a drag.

    Being pros to these clients doesn’t necessarily mean we’re all that good, but that we can be counted on to be at every race. I can live with that.

    On a less happy note, the fun little Miata I bought last November got wiped out last week in a highway accident. Got rear-ended and pushed into the minivan in front of me so I got both ends taken care of with the extra bonus of airbags in my face.

    See if you can spot the difference:

    Tomorrow we start the insurance process which I’ve been told is nothing but fun, then it’s time to go car shopping again. Life’s too short to be driving boring cars.


    Glad you’re okay.

    Holy crap though man, what has a bumper low enough to do that to a Miata?
    Do people race snow plows in summer over there?


    low bumper = Pontiac Grand Prix nose down under braking maybe? Although I didn’t hear squealing tires before the impact.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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