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    I’m assuming that digitally removing sensor dust spots would fall under ‘image corrections’ as is listed in the rules but then again I’m not at all the type that likes to assume.


    In related news… fighting my first battle with sensor (mirror?) dust, need to get out today and get some cleaning supplies 🙁


    sensor dust removal is allowed.


    Now, if you can integrate them into the composition as “character marks” like scratches and dents on an old ford pickup — that’s just showing off…. 😉


    For sensor dust removal stuff:
    Cheap, works on easy dust – Gittos RockeBlower

    Expensive, but will clean up anything: Eclipse E2 and Sensor swabs (check the type, there are several sizes to match the sensor)

    The sensor swabs are expensive, but you don’t want to scratch the sensor or mess it up using something that isn’t made for cleaning sensors. The E2 is sensor cleaning fluid, not for cleaning optics or lenses, and can’t be mailed, so you will have to pick that up locally.

    Um, mirror dust doesn’t show up in a picture. My focus screen (KatzEye) has all kinds of dust on it, but that doesn’t effect the sensor in any way.

    (Along with that, PecPads are a very good kind of non-abrasive wipe, but isn’t quite the same as the material on the sensor swabs)


    Thanks soosh.

    corsec67 – Always very helpful, thanks. I had no luck in the real world today. I think I’m going to try the pecpads first. It doesn’t appear to be too serious. I only mentioned the mirror because I decided to take a peek down in my camera and noticed a little white spec of something on it. But then again if there is a spot of something there then there could certainly be dust that got up to the sensor as well. First Dslr, had it about 5 months, still learning how the thing works and what it does…

    orionid – In all honesty, I first noticed the spots on a sunrise pic and on the lcd they looked like big fat birds off in the distance. At 400×600 they probably still do pass as birds. Or ufos. Streetlights?


    To check for dust, use the smallest aperture you can, like f/32. I use flash against a white wall, take 2 shots at different angles, very much out of focus, and subtract the images. Anything that is the same between the images is probably a dust spot.

    Be **VERY** careful about anything that is rubbing against the sensor.

    Oh, and check the manual. Mirror up is *NOT* how you clean the sensor, that only exposes the shutter. Your camera should have a special sensor cleaning mode that locks up the mirror, locks open the shutter, and doesn’t power the sensor.


    are fairly good guides.


    I just cleaned the sensor on my 40D. I went to my local camera shop and asked the owners what they use on their cameras. They gave me a sensorklear lenspen.
    http://www.lenspen.com/?cPath=&products_id=SK-1&tpid=146 and a small dust bulb.

    I did it last night and it worked like a charm!

    Pen was 12 bucks and he gave me the bulb.

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