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It’s 11pm, do you know where your photograph is?

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    FYI, there’s an article in today’s Washington Post, about personal shots being nabbed for commercial use, w/out permission, attribution, compensation.
    (You may need a cookie for the Post. They seem to let people hit one or two articles before asking for a login, though)

    You know, a lot of this isn’t new- I resign myself to the reality that anything I put up is a candidate for someone snarfing and using w/out permission or attribution. So I set the CC restrictions as ok for personal use, just not commercial, and make my pix not generally searchable- but companies grabbing for commercial use and ignoring restrictions is just downright ANNOYING. Never mind how will anyone ever make money at this if they can pick up stuff for free, not tell the photographer, and not have to compensate them.

    SIIIIGH. Time to read up a bit more on digital watermarking, I guess.


    I need to look that up as well, I think things like Photoshop and GIMP have the option to include that capability. I should start that now that I want to do more than just take quick snapshots for family etc..


    Watermarking won’t do you any good unless you have a way to automatically search for images with your watermark.

    A better bet is instead of doing an invisible watermark, do a very visible one. Include a copyright notice in the corner of your image. Unscrupulous folks can crop it out, but people running major ad campaigns at least will think twice before doing so.


    good point.. I need to find a way to do it automtically, I can do it manually, just a pain.


    FastStone Resizer includes options for match watermarking and batch “texting”. I use the batch text to stamp a small “” on all of my photos.

    I also use it most of the time for batch renaming & resizing of the photos I take at the club. Quite a few of them wind up on MySpace profiles, and I just like to know that they’re mine


    any idea of a plugin for GIMP for windows that does the same thing?

    Participant I havent tried this but it looks like it might be what youre looking for in gimp


    A different thing, but this is a photoshop action that embeds an invisible watermark.

    This action embeds a watermark that is invisible to the eye, but when you run the read watermark action, it will reveal the hidden watermark.


    I found this article… thought it was pretty helpful.. now all I need to do is turn the steps into an action…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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