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    Posting a few of the best of the best of the best, and will linky to picasa albums for the rest…

    72sec long exposure on stream outside of Bozeman, MT

    Golden Hour on the farm – outside Bozeman, MT

    Yellowstone Bison – near Canyon Lodge

    Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the lower falls

    Mt. Moran – Grand Teton National Park

    Tetons and barn on Mormon Row – Grand Teton National Park (333sec exposure)

    I’ve only started to put a dent in the photos, many more to be reviewed, processed, etc.



    Grand Tetons:


    Ooooohhh… pretty!


    Love your shot of the barn at Mormon Row. That scene is a photo cliche for a very good reason and I really like your take on it with the slow shutter’s effect on the clouds and the colors.


    Thanks Bender, the location is better known for it’s morning golden hour shots, and believe me I tried for that one too, but the ceiling was on the deck with intermittent rain all morning so the Tetons were barely visible – so I was double thankful for having decided to go scout the location the evening before at got that shot. I have several others from that evening that still need touchups before being uploaded.


    Great photos, ‘Cuda. Really makes me want to get back there again soon (not that I didn’t already). Haven’t been to Yellowstone since my early twenties and have been itching to get back and spend more time there ever since. I’ll have to browse your galleries when I get some more time…


    Two more, the rest (of what I have processed) is on my Picasa albums (see Sig) in the Montana, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons albums respectively. Hope to spend time time this weekend going through most of the rest of the Yellowstone shots at the very least.


    Sweet shots…

    Looking at your watermark… I’m thinking you could change to Pfischer Photography, not change pronunciation and have a slightly more distinctive brand (you wouldn’t have to change your URL either).



    Interesting idea Yugoboy. I’ll have to think on that.

    A couple more hot off the processing line:

    More buffalo (same as the other buffalo)

    Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – 3 image HDR plus a little work in Color Efex Pro as well.

    Found this while driving out to find a spot to photograph the cycling group on the last Sunday I was there. Quite like how it came out.


    Nice stuff in here. Somehow I missed this thread before.


    An another batch…

    Golden hour morning in Bozeman

    Road to Yellowstone

    Yellowstone hot spring (forget which one, pretty sure it’s next to Grand Prismatic though…

    Fire Lake – Yellowstone

    Mt. Moran at Oxbow Bend


    Bozeman sunrise (Processing discussion here:

    More Bozeman (local park)

    Edges of Grand Prismatic Spring

    Fog on the Yellowstone River (more examples and processing info here:

    The Idaho Barn – likely to be featured in next week’s Silent Decay theme (not this version, but a Farktography approved version

    Snake River Overlook – channeling my inner Ansel Adams

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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