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Mother Nature’s a fickle bitch…

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    Just look at that chart in my sig. Midnight for 2 nights will be clear with above-normal seeing. My toys won’t be here for 3-4 more days. I have the flu. I have to work. Ima just gonna kill a twelve pack to watch it die.

    Damn you, Rav, I share my addiction and I feel like you stole my stash! LMAO!!! 😆

    /keep it up, am way happy to see another feel the wonder


    Holy hells man. Seeing and transparency are shit here in Tonopah according to my chart. Which I never did get to post correctly in my my sig.


    I’m not gonna mess with my sig… it works, dunno why, and I ain’t gonna break it!


    I wish they had these charts for my area. Then again, I haven’t seen a star in the sky since I got here – plenty of light pollution in this city. All I’ve gotten a look at are the moon and the periodic planets.


    Hey–for the record, after midnight (Sunday morning) till forever, the clouds were thick enough to shield all but the sun. Which is good, or I’d have died of hypothermia…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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