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    I’ll always remember my first. I’d been aware of Farktography for about a month (waterrockets pointed me at it and said “dude, you take pictures, you Fark, you need to check this out”). I watched the themes and got a feel for the contests. I liked what I saw and what I read (ah the banter, oh the comraderie). I bided my time.

    Eventually, Reflections came up as the theme. “Ah ha!” I thought, “I’m all about reflections. I’ll come out and make a statement with taking first place.” Anxiously I waited for the contest to hit the main page. I posted my Boobies. And then I posted the one that I was sure would win. And then I slept, content in my place in the world of Farktography.

    The next morning, I went to vote. And that’s when I saw it, the photo that splashed the cold, hard water of reality in my cherubic face: GalleyWench’s “South Point Higgins Beach” photo. My first thought: “First Place – not mine” (my second thought was “What the heck is a ‘monkeybort’?”, but that’s not important right now). I saw many other fantastic photos and I knew that I’d be lucky to “show”, much less “win” or “place”. Obviously, I did not give the competition the respect that they deserve. In the end, GalleyWench did win that theme, and I took a distant 9th and 22nd.

    But, I was hooked. Farktography. Ahhh, Farktography. How I long for Wednesday nights with you, the Thursday mornings, basking the in post-competition bliss, eagerly anticipating the contest page to load and seeing all the images.

    Farktography – maybe the best thing on


    aaaaah, farktography, the universal humbler.

    i, too, came in cocky and confident, only to receive a massive smackdown to the tune of 25th place (thank you FSM for your archival mastery!) with the winning entry (by the always fabulous idle_hands) receiving almost 5 times as many votes as my highest placing photo.

    since then, farktography has become my favorite part of fark. i’ve made friends, i’ve gotten to post my work and receive feedback weekly, and i’ve been honored to see the amazing work submitted by fellow farktographers every week.

    it is truly a wonderful creation and endeavor.

    oh, and schnee – a monkeybort is a borter of monkeys. 😛


    9th place is great, and that is a gorgeous photo of Graves Peak. Really gorgeous. Actually, the whole thread was amazing, thanks for the walk down memory lane. 🙂


    I saw the subject “My Boobies” and thought “Isn’t schnee a guy?”

    Snug Tight

    Farktography – maybe the best thing on

    I agree. I have entered 58 out of 65 contests (thank you FSM). If my entry can get one-third the votes of the first place photo, I consider that a good day. The photos I think are going to do well rarely do. I have been taking a beating theses last few contests. My job changed so I have to post a few hours after the contest starts. I was thinking about these contests the other day and wondered if I am a better farktographer today than I was on my boobies. Not sure if I am any better, but I know these contest have kept me out there trying. There is nothing better than grabbing the camera, heading off in the Mustang convertible and looking for that next great shot.


    until the FSM came around I would have sworn up and down that my boobies was contest #7 (Flower Power) when it was actually #6 (Nuts and Bolts). #7 especially stood out for me though…the sweaty palms…my finger hovering above the submit button while the dark side of my brain said ‘why bother, no one will ever vote for this crap’. and when someone finally did i think i about fell out of my chair 😀 i think at one point i was almost dancing around the room.

    fast forward to a year later and i feel so honored and blessed that i actually get to help run this magnificent concept. i always look forward to wednesday nights, farktography, and all of the brilliant people who have come into my life as a result of it.


    oh my god, we’re talking about the good old days? heh heh, my kind of thread 😉

    schnee, i remember your “Lupin” picture, it was so simple and beautiful, i just had to get over my shyness and email you to tell you how much i liked it. and, i now have your “Mushrooms” print on my living room wall.

    i <3 farktography! and you all rock!


    aaaaah, farktography, the universal humbler.

    Of the talented maybe.

    Farktography has made me unbearably cocky.


    aaaaah, farktography, the universal humbler.

    Yes. But…

    I was already humble!

    Now I’m humbler. (More humbled? Humbleder?)


    a monkeybort is a borter of monkeys

    thaaaaaankssssss…..its all clear now….

    schnee, i remember your “Lupin” picture, it was so simple and beautiful

    thanks, and you know you’re my Farktography Spiritual Godmother

    Isn’t schnee a guy?

    L-o-l-a Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola

    There’s a new report out on the FSM – it highlights the most recent contest’s Boobies and should update with each week. It is a “schnofo” production – props to staplermofo for punching up the exposition.


    haha, i LOVE the intro – i think you said Boobies 9 times. 😛

    and to be mentioned in the same sentence as idle_hands and veruca……

    *falls to knees*

    i’m not worthy, i’m not worthy!!! 😳

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