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    Without making promises of any kind… If were to provide an RSS/Atom/XML feed with upcoming/current/recent contest information — how would you use it? What information would you like to see it have?

    / Not sayin’
    // Just askin’


    i’m such an doofus……i don’t even know what an RSS feed is or what it does.

    *hangs head*



    If you have a Google account, sign up for Google Reader ( If you don’t have a Google account, I can send you an invite.

    RSS basically lets you put all your periodically updated web sites into one place. Instead of visiting all these sites, they come to you. It’s how I read Fark, all the headlines just show up in my newsreader, I’ve also got a bunch of webcomics, other news sources, people’s blogs, etc. The thing is, it all comes to you. Instead of spending your entire morning visiting a billion web sites, you just visit one site and all the content appears in one place.


    Well, the RSS feed would be cool but worthless considering the amount of activity on If there were 20 posts or so a day then maybe…

    For the contest aspect of it I’m clueless to the benefit unless it’s for the “linky” to the Farktography post at Fark. Then a TF’er could simply click the link from the feed to get to the current contest and post an image. Hmmm, are we that damn lazy?

    I’m indifferent about it and that’s my final answer.


    I don’t use any of those RSS/XML type feeds. Totalfark is as much aggregation as I can stand. I kinda like the concept of actually going to different sites to see different content. In regards to this specific website, I check the forums pretty religiously and that doesn’t bother me.

    So yeah, cool idea, but I wouldn’t use it. :/


    thanks, Analogy, that makes sense.


    You know, if its new technology, then I must use it or I’ll surrender my geek-cred.

    If I had the upcoming/current/recent list available to me, I’d probably put a little widget on the FSM (on the RHS) that would list the contests, with highlights applied to each type (“upcoming”, “current”, “recent”). “Current” would link the the the thread. “Upcoming” back here to the calendar (please provide that URL) and “Recent” would link to the contest page on the FSM. So, I’d use the feed as visual sugar.

    A darker part of the FSM already uses the Fark RSS feed for nefarious purposes, so reading the feed should not be an issue.


    It would be nice if the calendar on here listed what the themes were.


    I don’t use RSS these days, and I doubt that such a feed would change my current Farktography surfing habits.


    i’m with monkeybort on this. i’ve heard of them and am glad i now know just what they do but … no thanks.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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