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    I found what seems to me like a pretty good video tutorial on night sky photography. He doesn’t seem to work towards astronomical type stuff. More like landscapes with awesome star backdrops. So does what he says seem like good advice? He doesn’t really go into equipment much because he says we will all have different stuff.


    I’ve always been scared to push my ISO that far for fear of the noise, but maybe I could give it a shot next time I do astrophotos…it’d make for some nice landscaping, since pretty much all my shots wind up with black foregrounds unless I have the moon behind me.


    Thanks for posting that link. There are some really awesome pictures & I watched his video, he’s a cool dude!


    Good advice (and some great photos). If you’re planning on just publishing to the web, or reduced sized prints, run that ISO up as high as you can get. Reduction hides noise very well.

    Only thing I’d add to what he said is that depending on the quality of your glass, you may want to close the aperture by 1 or 2 stops if you’re using a long lens to cut down on chromatic aberration. I’ve got a 75-300mm EF lens that shows very obvious purple halos around stars when used wide open. It’s only an issue at full resolution (or close to it), so disregard if you’re planning on reducing the image size for something like a 1080 timelapse video.


    I’ll have to watch this video later; but looking forward to it! (After all, the telescope ALSO makes a fine piggyback mount for wider-view star shots–I can go steady for scenic with trails, or tracking for star fields alone, or photoshop one onto the other with masks…)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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