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Once it is on the internet…

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    …it stays there.

    I don’t remember who did this photo, but it seems that it has made it’s rounds.


    That was Miller. I think that may have been the shot that made it into some chain email that was going around too.




    LOL! Boy am I glad I logged in today to see what was going on around here! Yes that pic has definitely made the rounds and I am quite proud that I created a strange little internet meme of my very own. 🙂 Reading the comments on break is a kinda fun, too. My favorites:

    myballsur4head says: “So..hey, why does this break staff member just happen to have naked barbies and trolls laying around his house? They don’t dude. I do, though! And I did for some time after that as well. Used to kinda make guests look at me funny…

    wannahockeylugi says: taken by a serial killer… Not quite. This is the part where I get sad that my original title and “theme” for the photo got lost somewhere along its journey through the tubes. If you’re wondering, I called it, “Lunch!” and added a sub-title/caption of “Church missionary Barbie fails to convert the natives.” Ok, so maybe I can see how someone might think that’s the product of a sick mind…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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