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Pictures of the bosses daughter.

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    I took theese for my boss and wanted to get some opinions from those of you that have more experience with people pictures. Or the opinion of anyone that has one. Thanks.

    I was going to fix the light around her wrist but she said she liked it that way, so I left it.


    #2 is portrait-ready, I especially like the composition. What is the light on her wrist from?


    I personally like them and think they’re well done overall and well lit in particular, but I’m far far from a portraiture expert. I do find the wrist light to be distracting though, but whatever the customer wants…


    Both are good shots, but the first one… the closed meditative eyes… I get the point, but I would have either had her hands visible in some meditation pose, or bowed her head at least a little bit. The pic looks at first glance like a badly timed (but beautifully shot) snapshot.

    (And I’m not 100% sold on the soft-focus flowers blocking significant portions of her torso. This is not the horn-dog in me talking, it’s just the composition… I’d want more “her” and less flower in that part of the image)

    Lighting and balance are really good. For portraiture, it certainly is of very good quality.

    Granted, this is just my opinion, but there it is.


    I really like the second one even with the wrist-flare. What did you use for lighting?


    The only problem I can see is that the first one has a significant out of focus foreground element. Admittedly, I have a very limited grasp of portrait photography, but I always like portraits without a blurred foreground better. In this case it isn’t so bad, though-it certainly doesn’t ruin the photo. I do like the second one better, however.


    The first one was actually just a snapshot. We had moved to a new area and the light was changing and I wanted to check the histogram. It waas late in the season and the roses didn’t look very well so threw them out of focus so I could just get the splashes of color. Turned out her dad liked it so I finished for him. The second picture I had set two 580 flashes in the leaves behind her to light them up and add texture to them I had a quantum flash to my right with a shoot though umbrella. One of us moved a little to much and the light on her wrist was one of the background flashes.


    Thanks for the opinions. I really am more comfortable with the wildlife, but I have been getting more requests for family and portrait work. Once my eye settles down I’ll hope to get back out and start shooting again.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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