Pricing for this kind of usage?

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    this band has contacted me about using one of my photos as an album cover for a cd they plan to produce 500 copies of and have available as a digital download on emusic, itunes, and rhapsody.

    what sort of fee would be appropriate for that kind of usage?


    Hmm not sure of the fee, but I would make sure they know 1) to Credit YOU for the photos in any documentation or publishing, and 2) where they are allowed or not allowed to re-use them.


    oh yeah, definitely.

    I got $250 for a one-time use by Discover magazine of the same photo.


    Hmm I’m not sure. With Discover magazine, it was one time, but a circulation of how many thousands or millions? This 500 copies on the CD seems pretty paltry in comparison though of course there’s the web exposure on top of it. You’d probably want to stipulate the size of the web version, but beyond that I’m not sure. Congrats on the opportunity, though!


    you might also want to put a clause in the contract that would get you an additional bonus in the event that the cd is reissued down the road by a bigger label in bigger numbers, or something to that effect.


    You could also ask for a small royalty on album sales.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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