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    Okay, I got most questions answered via reading the farking instructions (duh!). But how did Soosh reply to my comment within my comment? I missed that bit of info somehow.

    P.S. Better watch out–as I practice my photoshopping, I intend to get quite good.

    P.P.S. I do morphing, which can be rendered in anigif format. Assuming I keep to the 200K limit (I’ll link to larger versions), are these acceptable for photoshop contests? Visit if you don’t know what a morph is.


    If you’re referring to quoting on Fark, just above a person’s comment is a quotation mark box. Click that and it will put code into the comment box to quote that person, then you can write below that with your comment.

    If you’re referring to quoting here on the site, there’s a box in the lower right of each comment that says “quote”. Click that, and it will put that person’s comment into a quotation via bbcode, and you can write below that with your comment.

    As for photoshopping and anigifs, you’ll want to review the “The Rules” link in the upper left menu of the site (they’re also posted on in the FArQ). Anigifs are not allowed for Farktography, though they’re fine for Fark’s photoshop contests. For Farktography, the idea is to do only minimal processing on your images. Image corrections are fine–contrast, color balance, ISO noise corrections are fine, as are very minor retouching to remove sensor dust or a stray blemish. However, large scale image manipulation like stacked exposures, stitched photos, complicated artistic filters that turn a photo into an oil painting, or cloning in (or out) large compositional elements (e.g. cloning out a stray telephone pole that was in your way) are not for Farktography. We want the emphasis more on your photographic skills and less on your post processing/Photoshop skills 🙂

    Hope that helps!


    Thanks on the third paragraph; that makes perfect sense and I’m glad I’ll be able to do my morph stuff in reg. fark photoshop items (my morphing is far better than my photoshop skills, though I’ve employed PS in my morphs on occasion.)

    But Soosh’s reply to my comment within the domain was actually a reply within the comment I left. And that’s where I’m huzzahed.


    He quoted your comment. If you select text from another user’s comment and press the “” at the right-hand side of their name it’ll quote that text and allow you to add comments underneath (or with basic HTML you can break up and annotate their comments with your own).

    Is that what you mean?

    edit: I went back to the thread, and that’s all I could find.
    2010-02-11 07:46:38 PM

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