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    Since we’ve scheduled themes through March and we’ve been getting a lot of snow on the mid atlantic, and possibly elsewhere in the country, lets have a snow thread to show off some shots. Get them in quickly before soosh stops laughing at us and shows us up.
    These are from this past weekend. move pics from this past weekend
    And this was from one of the warm up storms the week before much bigger version


    You people down south of here have been getting most of our snow, I think (not that I’m complaining!). We’ve not had much up in MA really. I often can’t get in here at all during the winter because the snow plows have filled in all the parking:


    What is this “snow” of which you speak?


    I think “snow”is the white stuff that never shows its face here in coastal northern California. I have to drive at least 20 miles right now to maybe find snow and that isn’t happening with my trucks transmission still busted. that and the rain we have been getting has probably melted all the snow within a hundred miles.


    We have had 0″ of snow in the Seattle area, but we can see it up on the mountains.


    I hear ya lokisbong – the snow level here is around 5000′ feet, so it’s at least a 40 minute drive ‘up’. Longer if you consider you’ll probably have to stop somewhere and put on chains…

    /we have been getting a fair amount of rain lately though, as evidenced in my contest subs this week 😛


    I brought the snow with me to Baton Rouge. There’s supposed to be a “wintery mix” tomorrow.


    Here’s a few from the heavy snowfall over Christmas and the New Year in the UK.

    That had to hurt on landing

    Uncle’s daft lab catching snowballs. He loves it, don’t ask me why.

    Waterfall in the local park. Taken with ProviaX film.

    Same Park, same film. I was using a 50mm lens, so you can imagine how close they let me get.

    Cow and Calf rocks in Ilkley, W. Yorkshire. Sensia film, IIRC.


    We’re actually way behind on snow up here. We get a mass of warm air off the Pacific that pushes all our cold air down onto the lower 48. It’s 44?F here today and we’re about three feet behind on snow for the season.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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