so…which side of the force *are* you?

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    Well, I’m a Canon Gangsta, and apparently a lot of you are Nikon Shorties.


    The only thing I’m aware of is (was?) that Canon’s sensors have better red/IR response (good for astrophotographers)…I went with Canon because I had been wanting to try my hand at astrophography for years, and since I had no collection of lenses (moot point if you’re shooting prime focus anyway) Canon made more sense.

    This, when I was a total newb. Not sorry for the decision; but I respect Nikon users anyway. Nobody’s perfect, after all. 😀

    I’m frantically looking for the wallet I lost in my apt with $700 in it (which I hadn’t before, figuring I’d come across it eventually.) Wasn’t a priority when I didn’t need the money.

    But I am so totally *nekkid* without a working DSLR. My aunt lent me her Nikon p/s after my Canon crashed. It was like going to the Indy 500 with a Volvo–my heart just wasn’t into just pointing and shooting, with so little creative control (nothing against the brand, but rather the lack of setting controls.)

    If I can find that damned wallet, I’ll get a new, newer, improved body by Canon. If not, I’ll settle for a duplicate body off craigslist for $300. I’ve looked online; DSLRs are ridiculously priced right now, probably due to the Japan tsunami thing. I just *hate* the idea of buying something without a warranty. Yes, I’ll get to try it first, but who knows what they might not be telling me about it?


    Further searching shall now ensue. I suppose it’s possible that I got pick-pocketed, but I’m 95% sure I had that wallet in my home.

    Long story how it was lost. Suffice it to say, don’t hide your wallet when you’ve been drinking.


    i came back to the ship one night a bit tipsy and didn’t secure my wallet. it vanished. two weeks later when all the IDs had been replaced it turned up. in a place we all had looked before.

    next time i woke up from being tipsy and not securing my wallet i looked at it and thought: “well this time they just took the money”.

    moral don’t drink and wallet. or something 🙂


    Rav, if it’s gonna cost, say, $200-300 to repair and retailed for under $800, commence drooling over a new model (assuming it’s run mad cycles). Sorr you’re without for now tho. 🙁

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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